Bespoke shipping container home designs



FEE:  £1,500

We have designed a wide range of standard home models to suit the majority of tastes and budgets. These standard models are designed to provide an extremely desirable yet affordable option with fast turnaround times. These are all priced as fully fitted turn-key solutions onto prepared grounds with available services for us to connect to. Groundworks and installation of services is not included in our base price, as these are impossible to estimate without performing a site survey. Our standard models have many options to customise the home without the need for a bespoke design, offering many choices of colours and textures on fitted furniture, exterior finishing and flooring.


Any variation from our standard models other than a simple flip or mirroring of the existing design, including the addition of any ‘off-grid’ services, will require our bespoke design service, as we will need to prepare new sets of working drawings and redo the material quantity calculations to suit the modified design. It is impossible to provide a ‘standard’ estimate for ‘Off-Grid’ solutions, as these require detailed usage calculations, therefore fall into our bespoke design service, even if being added to one of our standard home models. 


The pricing for bespoke designs follows our standard pricing structure, so it is possible to assume a ball-park price based on our existing models. 


Estimates for bespoke designs are not offered without the undertaking of this service.

HighCube Homes will work with you to create & finalise your custom home design, and provide renders & drawings suitable for full planning permission applications.

The fee is deductible from your total home price should you proceed with us.


This service includes:
– Initial design brief & proposal
– Concept design with up to 3 design revisions
– Design finalisation
– Fully detailed plan & elevation drawings
– Site & Block plans
– 3D Site renders, where possible
– Average turnaround time: 4-6 weeks


We will begin by having a detailed discussion about your initial ideas, and details around how you envisage your home to be laid out, and how you want it to look. This is usually by way of a physical or virtual meeting, where we will do some rough sketches with you to lay down the main concept.

We will discuss in detail what is and what is not possible to do.

Please note: Many people ask us to design properties with containers stacked at right angles to create fancy overhangs. This is NOT a service that we offer, as we only design utilising the inherent structural rigidity of the containers.

We will provide an educated ESTIMATE price for the proposal at this stage, with an accurate quotation only being possible following completion of the finalised design and quantity calculations.

Once the initial design ideas are agreed, we will create some basic CAD floorplans for your approval. This usually takes around 14 days.

You may request up to three amendments to these plans prior to finalisation and rendering. Further amendments, and amendments following 3D renders, will incur additional fees. We are able to show multiple alternative colour and finish variations in your renders for you to choose from, inclusive in the initial design fee.

Once details are finalised and confirmed, we will get to work on creating your detailed floorplans, high quality 3D design renders, quantity calculations, and a firm quotation for the property itself.
This will provide you with detailed floorplan and elevation drawings suitable for planning permission applications, which will be accompanied by both site & block plans.
This usually takes between 14-28 days dependant on the specific design.

* The quotation provided is guaranteed for 30 days from end of Month quoted.
* The quotation will not include ground works, unless we have undertaken a site survey.
* Specific site / plot visualisation render may only be possible if we have undertaken a site survey.

Bespoke Shipping Container Home design examples

Shipping container home design 3 bed
Example of a bespoke modified H3 property with alternative exterior design and modified interior. Budget estimate £95,000 - £99,000
Bespoke shipping container house design
Example of a bespoke two storey shipping container house design with a basement during draft stage. Budget estimate £150,000
Bespoke bungalow shipping container home
Example of a bespoke 3 bedroom bungalow shipping container home design. Budget estimate £95,000 - £99,000
H22B 2 Bedroom shipping container home
Example of a modified H2 2 Bedroom shipping container home. Budget estimate £70,000
2 Storey shipping container home
Example Bespoke H3+2 Bespoke shipping container home design floorplans

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