Alternative use buildings

HighCube Homes Shipping container buildings are incredibly versatile, and can be applied to many uses. 

University Campus lodgings, hotels, school buildings, Holiday Homes, Community buildings, Care home communities, Granny annexes/retirement homes, Garden rooms, ManCaves/SheSheds, Shops and cafes, extending your existing home – and pretty much anything else you could imagine.

Take a look at some of these alternative use designs we have worked on.

Shipping Container Campus.

Based on our H0101, we have created this multiplex of one bedroom self contained living quarters, ideal for uses such as University campuses, Holiday apartments, or temporary housing.

Shipping Container Campus
Shipping container School building

Shipping container School building.

Designed for use as a temporary music room, this school building is constructed using a single 40ft HighCube shipping container, with an open plan interior, fully insulated and clad, as an affordable building solution with a super fast turnaround time.

For larger versions, two 40ft shipping containers would provide a perfect solution.