HighCube Homes

At HighCube Homes, we offer a range of standard shipping container home designs, ranging from 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom homes. All of our homes are offered fully fitted as a turn-key solution.

The home designs we offer is continuously expanding, and below is an overview of our current models. Each existing home design can be viewed in more detail by clicking the picture of the home you wish to view.

H1 – One Bedroom Shipping Container Home

One 40ft HighCube shipping container, lovingly and skilfully converted into a deceptively spacious one bedroom home.

Perfectly designed and fitted to maximise the floorspace potential of this Tardis-like home.

DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 2.8m footprint (approx.)
LIVING SPACE: 27 SqM (approx.)
PRICE: £49,000 (for basic model)

Affordable 1 bedroom shipping container home
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H0101 – One Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Two 20ft HighCube shipping containers, cleverly combined to create a gorgeous little apartment-style home. The same liveable space as H1, but in a slightly more conventional format.

DIMENSIONS: 6.4m x 5.2m footprint (approx.)
LIVING SPACE: 27 SqM (approx.)
PRICE: £55,000 (for basic model)

H2 – Two Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Two 40ft HighCube shipping containers, combined to create a cosy, warm, and inviting two bedroom home.

Offering double the floorspace of H1, H2 is a home that offers fantastic value for money.

DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 5.2m footprint (approx.)
LIVING SPACE: 56 SqM (approx.)
PRICE: £75,000 (for basic model)

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H3 HighCube Homes Shipping Container Home
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H3 – Three Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Three 40ft HighCube shipping containers, creatively combined to create an incredibly spacious 3 bedroom family home. With its double-hipped roof, H3 is an extremely airy and inviting home, which is seriously well equipped for the money.

DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 7.6m footprint (approx.)
LIVING SPACE: 85 SqM (approx.)
PRICE: £95,000 (for basic model)

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