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At HighCube Homes, we offer a range of standard shipping container home designs, including from 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom homes. 

All of our homes are offered fully fitted as a turn-key solution.


Any variation to the standard designs shown, including off grid solutions, are available via our ‘Custom Home Design’ option.



H1 – One Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Constructed using a single 40ft HighCube shipping container, lovingly and skilfully converted into a deceptively spacious one bedroom property.



With its long and narrow design, it is the perfect option to add more space to an existing home, ideal for either a side extension, or as a standalone annexe to keep loved ones close, but to provide their own private space.


DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 2.8m footprint (approx.)


LIVING SPACE: 27 SqM (approx.)


PRICE: £49,000 (for basic model)


Affordable 1 bedroom shipping container home
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H0101 – One Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Two 20ft HighCube shipping containers, cleverly combined to create a gorgeous little apartment-style home. The same liveable space as H1, but in a slightly more conventional format.


DIMENSIONS: 6.4m x 5.2m footprint (approx.)

LIVING SPACE: 27 SqM (approx.)

PRICE: £55,000 (for basic model)


H2 – Two Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Two 40ft HighCube shipping containers, combined to create a cosy, warm, and inviting two bedroom home.

Offering double the floorspace of H1, H2 is a home that offers fantastic value for money.


DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 5.2m footprint (approx.)

LIVING SPACE: 56 SqM (approx.)

PRICE: £75,000 (for basic model)


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H3 – Three Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Three 40ft HighCube shipping containers, creatively combined to create an incredibly spacious 3 bedroom family home. With its double-hipped roof, H3 is an extremely airy and inviting home, which is seriously well equipped for the money.


DIMENSIONS: 12.5m x 7.6m footprint (approx. Excl Veranda)

LIVING SPACE: 85 SqM (approx.)

PRICE: £95,000 (for basic model)


H4 – Four Bedroom Shipping Container Home

Four 40ft HighCube shipping containers, combined to create a spacious 4 bedroom property with large open plan kitchen, Living and dining area, providing a large family home.


DIMENSIONS: 12.6m x 10.15m footprint (approx. Excl Veranda)

LIVING SPACE: 115 m2 (approx.)

PRICE: £139,000 (for basic model)


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Ever wanted to have your very own unique bespoke shipping container home designed especially for you? 


Our bespoke shipping container home design service allows you to work with our designer to create your dream home. 

This service is applicable for any variation or addition to our standard home models.


The design fee is deducted from your final home price when you place your order.


PRICE: £1,500 (Deductible design fee)



Need help choosing, or have a different project you would like help with?