We have worked (and are still working) extremely hard to create HighCube shipping container home designs that are incredibly stylish, well made, and most importantly, extremely affordable. Our modular designs provide our clients with consistency in build quality, and speed of installation. All of our existing designs can be flipped or reversed at no extra cost, and we have a number of upgrade options for you to personalise your home to your own individual taste.

Bespoke Designs

We do, however, understand that part of the excitement of having your own home built, is getting involved in the physical design process itself. We also offer a bespoke design service, which caters for this requirement. Please see ‘Our Process’ page for details.


We keep our designs realistic. No fancy cantilevered containers. In order to save a considerable amount of money and time, all of our homes are designed to utilise the very structure of a shipping container. Raw containers are designed to be stacked 10+ high, fully loaded with cargo. So long as they are stacked corner post to corner post, the structure remains. As soon as you try to stack containers on top of each other at right angles or off centre, they need a lot of extra re-enforcement, which is costly and time consuming, and which completely negates the purpose of using containers as the main structure in the first place.