Why shipping containers?

Shipping Containers

It’s a simple but troubling fact that it costs far less to build a new shipping container than it does to retrieve one once exported. Therefore, more shipping containers are imported and abandoned at ports than are exported, leaving them to require a new loving home.

Shipping containers are created and designed with modularity, strength and durability in its very DNA, being required to withstand all kinds of abuse as they journey through some of the harshest of seas carrying some of the world’s most precious cargo, all the while protecting itself from corrosion and rust. A shipping container is manufactured from solid corten steel, designed to withstand everything from salt water to freezing temperatures.

Using a shipping container as the prefabricated structure of our homes makes the construction process far simpler and much faster than traditional construction methods. Why would you spend months building a home when it could be completed and fully fitted in only a matter of weeks? When it comes to comparing construction methods and building materials, there are few alternatives that are as fast, durable, sustainable, and most importantly affordable, as professional conversion of shipping containers

Using shipping containers to build homes is not a new idea by a long shot – in fact it’s the fastest growing home-building trend in the United States, and has proven hugely popular in Australia, Canada and Europe for many years. In the UK, we are generally over-cautious when it comes to new ideas; especially if it means building a house using such industrial methods. All HighCube Homes are fully finished inside and out. Once completed, you would never know that you were living inside a recycled shipping container, and you will genuinely find yourself trying to convince visitors that your home has been constructed in this extremely innovative way.

Shipping containers have been used in construction for many years, mainly being used for portable office spaces, pop up cafés and the likes, yet more recently have seen an increased popularity in the use as a base for home building. A quick online search will present you with many different results of shipping containers being used for home-building solutions. Many still look like shipping containers, but the ones that don’t, have been used in expensive and adventurous designs with cantilevered and heavily modified containers. These can look rather impressive, however the level of modification and ambitious design requires an excessive amount of additional and expensive structural work in order to reinforce the containers to suit.

Our solution is to utilise the inherent strength and rigidity of a shipping container, specifically to replace the requirement of expensive and time consuming construction techniques. Our shipping container home designs result in a warm and welcoming home. You would never know that inside the walls of your home is a shipping container, and our homes do not look or feel industrial in any way, allowing them to sit perfectly in any rural or urban location.

Affordable housing solutions are genuinely hard to find, and in most instances, it means serious compromises on both location and build quality, and often, self-build projects end up going over budget due to the sheer amount of possible variables involved with traditional construction methods.

Our modular service has no variables. You choose your home from one of our designs and simply specify any upgrades you might wish for from our list of available options. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.